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Japan Travel Article

The Not So Common Japan

When it comes to regional and traditional dishes, Japan is well complimented due to its varied selections of specialty and national dishes. Japanese cuisine is what most tourists, like me, truly enjoy when they dine in any Japanese restaurant in Japan. The dishes are exquisitely prepared, cooked, and served that satisfy a diner’s appetite. Japanese cuisines are categorized into rice, seafood, noodle, and Yoshoku dishes. During my stay in Japan, the soba noodles became my instant favorite Japanese dish. Fine Japanese soba is made of prime wheat and buckwheat flour. Can be prepared as either hot or cold dish, the soba noodles are as thick as the spaghetti noodles.

However, Japan is also known for its attractions. Tokyo Disneyland is our main destination to have fun and enjoyment. The Tokyo National Museum is Japan’s known and largest museum. One of the most famous tourist spots is Mount Fuji, which is incidentally Japan’s most prominent mountain. Izu Peninsula (Izu Hanto) is a resort about 100 kilometers away from Tokyo which is famous for its hot springs, beaches, mild climate, beautiful coastlines, scenic mountainous interior, as well as views of Mount Fuji from its western coast. Kinkaku-ji, the Temple of the Golden Pavillion located in Kyoto, is the most famous of all the tourists attractions in Japan. This temple was said to be built originally in 1933 and served as home for retired Shogun Yoshimitsu Ashikaga. It became a Buddhist temple when the retired leader died. The temple is famous for having pillars over the lake which was designed to emphasize its place between heaven and earth. Aside from these, there are also other things that you must know about Japan.

Japanese are fully aware of their health problems because of literacy rate. Since Japan’s literacy rate is high, they can read and be sensitive to the different health issues. This is why for the past years, industrialized and rich Japan has led the world in terms of life expectancy. Also because their diets are composed mainly of low-fat content of fish, rice, and soy products such as tofu. Additionally, there are studies that show the impacts of the universal health insurance on the life longevity of Japanese people. On the contrary, Japanese view a suicide ritual as a positive attitude to attenuate shame and to protect the samurai warriors’ honor. These are just basic information about Japanese culture. So, if I were you, I would start saving money for a chance to see these remarkable Japanese creations and to enrich my knowledge about their culture.

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