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Singapore Science Centre

The Singapore Science Centre is a non-formal educational institution for the promotion of science and technology among students and members of the public.

It has the country's largest collection of educational and exhibit materials devoted to science and has been acclaimed as one of the top science centres in the world. More than a million visitors come to the Singapore Science Centre every year.

There are more than 850 exhibits in the various exhibition galleries. A visitor spending 5 minutes on each exhibit would require about 7 days to see all of them. If you attempt to view all the exhibits in one visit, there is a great possibility of not gaining much from the visit. It is better for you to concentrate on a portion of the Centre's exhibits during each visit. So do not exhaust yourself trying to see and do it all in one visit. Enjoy yourself and come back again, and again. A recent survey indicates that more than 70% of the visitors are revisiting for this reason.

Opening Hours:

Science Centre (10.00 am to 6.00 pm);
Omni-Theatre (10.00 am to 8.00 pm).
Closed on Mon except public holidays and school holidays

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