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Batam, Indonesia

Description   Batam is one of the 3,000 islands which make up the Riau Archipelago.
Location   Batam is only 20 km away or twenty minutes by air-conditioned ferry from Singapore.
How to get there   Ferries leave from Terminals in Singapore regularly. Ferries tickets, accommodation as well as tours can be arranged. Call (+65) 6333 8100 or Book Now.
    Batam has a rapid-growing population of around 100.000. As the island develops into a major industrial and tourist area, it attracts an ever-increasing population from other Indonesian islands who see Batam as a haven of opportunity. Once almost uninhabited, save for a few scattered fishing communities.

In addition to the oil support industries of Batu Ampar and a fast growing electronics industry, Batam now attracts increasing numbers of tourists. Many tourists come from Singapore for a short holiday with friends and family, duty-free shopping and great seafood.

International hotels and numerous entertainment establishments cater to the expanding demand. An island two-thirds the size of Singapore.  Where virgin jungle once stood are now whole new towns, mosques, churches, temples and supermarkets, soon to be followed by reservoirs with water for a population of 800,000 and industrial use.

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